May 24, 2019

Mindful in May

This month, we would like to challenge employees and students to try five minutes of mindfulness per day.

MIndfulnessWhile there are many ways to manage stress, mindfulness is a secular, evidence-based, and increasingly popular method.  Mindfulness-based programs can be found in most academic centers, universities, corporations and in almost all walks of life, including Congress.  Mindfulness helps us live in the “present” or the “now” and simply “be.”

You can use a YouTube video (search “5 minute mindfulness”), an app (like Calm), or simply sit in silence or with your own soothing music for five minutes and concentrate on your breath.

Participate on your own or as a group or a department. Keep track of your practice in a log of the date and time you were able to meditate and email it to at the end of the month to be entered into a drawing! On social media, use the hashtag #uamsmindfulnessinmay.