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Supportive Conversations 

Person holding a piece of paper that says Phone a FriendUAMS has developed a special service called Supportive Conversations. Through this service, employees and students at UAMS can speak by phone with someone who is trained to listen and talk you through your reason for the call. If needed, they can guide you to a licensed social worker through EAP, Faculty Wellness, Resident Wellness or Student Wellness. If you just feel the need to talk, our Supportive Conversation specialists are here and ready to listen. Call 501-686-6890 to speak with a supportive conversations coach 24/7.



Measures Taken to Ensure Everyones Safety at UAMS

Dr. Messias and Dr. Liverett

In this video, Dr. Messias speaks with Dr. Liverett, one of our infectious disease experts, about all the measures in place to prevent transmission as we return to work at UAMS.





Online Mindfulness Sessions

Woman standing in garden with eyes closedGet Healthy UAMS and the UAMS Mindfulness Program are partnering to offer daily mindfulness sessions for employees and students.

Please join us at noon Monday – Friday using the Zoom link:

Tune in for a moment of calm in your busy day, supported by our caring wellness community at Team UAMS.

Miss the live session? Recorded Sessions are available here:

Mindfulness Session Library



Employee Assistance Program

UAMS’ Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offering its services to all employees dealing with issues related to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Employee Assistance Program office is located in Suite 601 in the Freeway Medical Tower, 5800 West 10th Street, in Little Rock; the office is open for in-person therapy sessions and all staff, clients and visitors are screened for COVID-19 before entering per UAMS policy.

The EAP is providing televideo sessions to employees via a secure and private link. Employees can use the EAP’s new platform to schedule video, telephone or in-person sessions. It includes a feature to remind employees of appointments by text or e-mail. Click on the link to access the website.

Chaplain Services

UAMS Chaplains provide Pastoral care and counseling services.


Emotional and pastoral support, crisis intervention, grief and bereavement counseling, and prayer for staff members of UAMS Medical Center. Pastoral Care, Chaplaincy, services are available in-house 24 hours per day seven days per week. You can contact them by calling the UAMS Medical Center operator at 501-686-7000 or paging the 24-hour on-call chaplain at 501-688-2060.

For Emergency Services:

The 24/7 free National Crisis Text Line—Text TALK to 741741 to “talk” to a trained counselor via text.

The 24/7 free National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to talk to trained counselors.

More Stress Relief Resources

There are also more stress relief options here at UAMS, check them out here: Stress relief options and tools

Some helpful guides available at this time:

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with the Coronavirus disease

Coping with stress during the COVID-19 outbreak

Mental Health Considerations during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Do you have questions? Please email

The health and wellbeing of our employees is of the upmost importance to us. We all have a responsibility to care for one another. Please check out some of the resources below for you and your team. In times like these, we all are subject to stress, both physical and emotional.

UAMS has suggested the following tips:

    • Get enough sleep
    • Try to reduce stress
    • Practice smart social distancing
    • Reconsider unnecessary travel
    • Be diligent in the use of PPE (personal protective equipment)
    • Participate in additional PPE training

Things that we can all expect to see:

  1. Surge in care demands
  2. Ongoing risk of infection
  3. Equipment challenges
  4. Providing support to others as well as medical care
  5. Stress will arise in outbreak settings

Strategies we can all use to cope and stay healthy:

  1. Make sure you are meeting your basic needs. Make sure you are getting enough time to eat, drink and sleep to keep your immune system up. This is essential to all employees and students at UAMS.
  2. Take breaks! Whether it be to take a walk or simply make a phone call to a friend or loved one, get your brain engaged in something else to help.
    -Mindfulness sessions are available on the website on demand. Anytime you may need to reset your mind, you can watch them from your phone or desktop.
    -There are numerous walking paths on campus to help you get out and de-stress. (Be sure to remove any and all Personal PPE before walking around in public areas.) If you feel you are on one of the hospital floors and feel you need to remain there, Get Healthy UAMS has pre-measured walking pathways on every F and H wing in the patient tower. You can find the map with the distance in your area by the stairwells on the F-wing side on each floor.
    -Check out the live streamed yoga classes above offered by UAMS NW.
    – Get outside! When you can, get out and enjoy nature. Keep social distancing in mind, but stay active. There are lots of exercise videos you can find online and hiking can be great for you to walk out some tension. Other activities suggested most recently by our governor were to go fishing and enjoy our naturally beautiful state.
  3. Connect with others. These services are available to those at UAMS and UAMS employees and students who are at home.
    -UAMS has developed a special service called Supportive Conversations. Through this service, employees and students at UAMS can call and speak with someone who is trained to listen and help you to either de-stress or to listen and guide you to a licensed social worker through EAP, Faculty Wellness or Student Wellness. If you just feel the need to talk, our Supportive Conversation specialists are here and ready to listen. Call 501-686-6890 to speak with a supportive conversations coach 24/7.
    -This can also be achieved by reaching out to friends and loved ones to talk. Don’t isolate yourself even if you are at home in quarantine. You can call, email, text, chat and video chat to stay connected.
    -Talk with coworkers and lean on each other for support. If you see someone struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out and check in on them. If you are very concerned, contact your supervisor and get help in assisting this co-worker with all the resources available. It’s easy to get wrapped up in work and worry, keep our kindness glasses on and search for those in need too.
  4. Respect Differences. Some need to connect and some need to be alone to cope. If you reach out and someone tells you they are fine and need space to cope, allow that but still be mindful of their behavior. Look for actions that would be cause for concern.
  5. Stay Updated. Make sure to read all the updates from the UAMS announcements, the COVID-19 Taskforce and Dr. Patterson. These updates will have the most real-time information available to us!
  6. Limit Media Exposure. Graphic imagery and worrisome messages will do nothing but increase your stress and anxiety and not your knowledge of what is going on.
  7. Self Check-ins. Monitor yourself for signs of heightened stress and anxiety. It’s easy at this time to think and worry for others, but we cannot pour from and empty cup. We must take care and monitor ourselves and seek help when needed.
  8. Honor your service and the service of others. Use the online recognition tool kit to spotlight and thank people around you that are doing a good job. Give people compliments, smile, be kind. Most importantly- remember that what you do at UAMS is important to all and we need you to function and succeed! Thank you for being part of Team UAMS.
  9. More ways to cope. Read this article on How to Cope from the American Psychological Association.

Resources for this article adapted for UAMS from an article written by the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress.

Don’t forget! If you are not feeling well, UAMS HealthNOW is here for you.

Coronovirus Screenings- HealthNOW web address

Many more Wellness Resources available on the Get Healthy UAMS website!