Stocked and Reddie pantry logoANNOUNCEMENT, 03/19/2020:

UAMS Stocked & Reddie can provide food and other items for employees and students who are temporarily unable to secure them because they are either quarantined or working long hours, especially due to COVID-19.  Please complete this form if you would like to arrange delivery from Stocked & Reddie.




Stocked & Reddie’s mission is to provide nutritious food to UAMS students and employees who sometimes find it difficult to access fresh produce and balanced meals for themselves and their families.

REGISTRATION is required to take part in the Stocked & Reddie food pantry.

Members of Team UAMS who join Stocked & Reddie can shop twice a week and take home for food to cover three meals for their entire household. Along with the food, Stocked & Reddie members have access to recipes on how to prepare each meal and are encouraged to share with other members about the meals they enjoy most. This lively ‘alternative food pantry’ strives to function as a cooperative effort in which all of our over 600 active members are empowered to engage in its operations.

UAMS students at the Northwest Arkansas Campus can access the U of A food pantry.