Student Wellness

The mission of the UAMS Student Wellness Program (SWP) is to promote Wellness in our students by providing the necessary tools and support to help them maintain balance in their lives and thus achieve their full professional and personal potential.

Resident Wellness

The transition from being a medical student to a resident physician is exhilarating and exciting! It is the culmination of years of dedicated hard work and a fulfillment of your dream. However, residency can also be a daunting and challenging time because of the long hours, sleepless nights, adaptation to a new role and environment, and the responsibility for providing high-quality care for our patients. Unless we take care of ourselves, the demands of residency can take a toll on our wellbeing. It is crucial to be proactive at a personal level in taking care of ourselves by finding a work-life balance.

Faculty Wellness

Launched in March, 2006, the Faculty Wellness Program supports the overall professional health and vitality of all our faculty.  Wellness is defined as an intentional, self-directed process of achieving a state where faculty personally and professionally flourish.  Wellness can include five different domains—physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social.  To truly flourish,  self-awareness of your needs in all areas and intentional changes to promote your own wellness is needed.

Our goals are to  provide health promotion educational information, facilitate the incorporation of health-related behaviors and wellness practices in our faculty,  to promote awareness of and access to crisis and support services.