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Employees and students can also take advantage of our Chaplain services here on campus.



Chaplain Services at UAMS

At UAMS, one of the many ways we seek to provide support to our patients and their loved ones is by two ladies talkingproviding access to pastoral care.

Our chaplains attend to the religious needs of patients and their families in concurrence with their medical care. Chaplains are available 24 hours a day to provide spiritual or emotional support to patients, family members, friends and employees as they deal with the difficult issues surrounding a new diagnosis or hospitalization.

The UAMS pastoral care professionals respect the faith traditions of our patients and, when requested, our staff will contact a patient’s pastor or representative of their faith community. We recognize that our patients have their own family traditions and come from different cultural backgrounds, and we respect these differences while seeking to provide the kind of religious support each patient needs on an individual basis.

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