Internal Blue and You Teams

Final Results!

Numbers as of 06/07/2017 

Team Name# of team members# of CheckpointsPlace in group
Tier 1: 2-5 participants
Team Elevensies21612
Go Stay2196.51
CHL-Simple is Good397.33
Team CE366.83
Mission Slimpossible554.6
Quick Moving Desk Jockeys5121.23
UAMS Headstart568.4
Tier 2: 6-10 participants
Team Northwest753.29
UAMS RED8148.811
Blazin’ Babes898.633
UAMS Kids First8119.882
NICU Tiny Baby Warriors1047.1
Tier 3: 11-20 participants
Team TLS1169.55
APP-All for Physical Phitness1251.83
UAMS Pharmacy12107.04
College of Nursing1270.88
Team HOD14142.433
College of Pharmacy1594.23
Lettuce Turnip the Beet17150.852
Nutrition Services20153.131
Tier 4: 21-40 participants
Team Godspeed2391.613
Marketing and Communications29107.951
UAMS IT Support39106.732
Teams by Region
LocationsAverage number of pointsPlace in group
UAMS Central Arkansas99.213
UAMS South1252
UAMS East128.311
UAMS Northwest67.69
UAMS Southwest91.61
UAMS West92.92

UAMS Overall ended with a point total of 98.58. The overall contest results will be announced in a press conference that is to be announced later this month.