January 2, 2018

Join Team UAMS for Blue & You Fitness Challenge

Team UAMS is looking for employees and students to participate in this year’s Blue & You Fitness Challenge.

The challenge, which runs from March 1 to May 31, includes teams competing by showing their commitment to exercise and a healthier lifestyle.

Blue and YouRegister now at www.blueandyoufitnesschallenge-ark.com. Click on “Register” and in the individual registration section use “UAMS” as your group code to sign up for Team UAMS.

The Fitness Challenge is a contest during which employees from opposing teams participate in eligible exercises (cardiovascular-focused) for a three-month time period. Measurements are established and given a point value at the beginning of the contest, then recorded throughout the competition. At the end of the contest, a winning team is named, based on accumulated points.

“The purpose of the Fitness Challenge is to get people moving,” said Natalie Cannady, UAMS Fitness Center manager. “Our goal with Get Healthy UAMS is to encourage our employees — and our students — to move because we want all of the UAMS family to be as healthy as they can be. A little activity can go a long way!”

The deadline to sign up for Team UAMS is Feb. 28. Once again, there will be an opportunity for internal teams to form and compete against each other.

To create an internal team, all eligible members need to sign up for the UAMS group. Once all have signed up, submit your department or college name and a list of those on the team to Cannady at nkcannady@uams.edu.

Check out some of this year’s changes to the challenge.

NEW WAY TO EARN A CERTIFICATE — In 2018, individuals will need to log at least 30 days of exercise to earn a completion certificate. In previous years, a person only needed to log 30 points. This change encourages people to continue being active throughout the challenge.

EXTENDED LIST OF EXERCISES — The challenge follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for activity. In the last few years, the CDC added a recommendation of strength training twice a week. Pursuant to the CDC’s recommendation and the requests of past participants, we’ve added calisthenics, free weights, Pilates, resistance bands-tubes, weight machines and yoga to the moderate activities list.

NEW WAY TO LOG — We’ve made it easier to log multiple days at a time. When you enter your activity, simply select multiple days on the calendar you completed the activity. Boom! Then enter the duration for each day and submit. No more scrolling back through calendars or doing it one day at time.

JOURNEY MAP — When a participant logs activity, he or she earns points and a star for that day of logging. The star appears at a location in town. Each star contains a message and tip for how to make small wellness changes, proving you can start your health journey anywhere you are.