November 15, 2019

5 Workout Mistakes You Might Be Making

Woman doing chips on a bar

By Lindsey Miller, Fitness Coordinator at the UAMS Fitness Center

  1. You think you have to do complicated workouts to get results.

While there’s nothing wrong with complicated movements, they don’t make for better results. Complicated workouts can cause you to feel self-conscious and can lead you to lose track of correct form or sets/reps. These things combined could cause you to skip your workout all together. Instead, stick to simple movements!


  1. You think you need to invest in an expensive gym membership.

Many people assume they need access to every kind of equipment in order to have a good workout. This couldn’t be further from the truth! You can get a great workout just about anywhere. Try this do-anywhere workout and see for yourself — back-to-back for five rounds:

  • 15 Squats
  • 10 Pushups
  • 30 Mountain climbers
  • Five burpees with knee tuck


  1. You think you have to spend hours in the gym to see results.

You do NOT have to spend hours working out to get results! Your results are actually dependent on the intensity of your workouts, not the duration. In order for your body to change, it has to be challenged at each workout. Instead of adding more time, how about adding more reps, using heavier weights, or shortening your rest periods!


  1. You think cardio is the best or only way to achieve weight loss.

While it’s true that your burn more calories doing cardio, resistance training is proven to help you keep burning calories even after your workout is over. Muscle burns three times more calories than fat and the only way to build muscle is through resistance training.


  1. You’re going to the gym without a plan.

When you go to the gym without a plan, you might find yourself doing the same workouts over and over, or constantly doing different things and not seeing any progress. You may waste time trying to figure out what exercise to do next. You aren’t able to track your progress, because your workouts are not consistently pushing you. All of these things will keep you from seeing results.


Want a plan to keep you on track and help get you the results you desire?


Stop by the UAMS Fitness Center on the 8th floor of the Rahn Building and see Lindsey or Adam for your personalized fitness plan today!