August 8, 2019

Real Appeal at UAMS

Real Appeal Logo

Natalie Cannady | I’d like to share some information about a new tool that we have here at UAMS for those who are on UMR insurance. If you haven’t heard about the Real Appeal program yet, you might want to take notice.

Real Appeal is a FREE program for employees on UMR insurance. This program includes an online coach with weekly meetings. I find them to be informative, fun and a fresh prospective in making small changes for the better. The program teaches its participants how to make healthier choices with their diet and exercise, but it doesn’t stop there.Natalie Cannady

The program also gives you real solutions to sticking with a healthier diet and making sure you are not hungry. Once you join and attend your first two online sessions, Real Appeal will send you a scale, a food scale, workout DVD’s, workout bands, a meal planning guide with lots of recipes and other books on exercise and more. After five weeks, they will send you a blender to use at home or work as well.

This program takes you through lessons once per week to help you take small steps towards big results. I find the lessons to be short but impactful. You really can see yourself making these small changes every week. In sessions with your coach via the app or a desktop, you can ask questions via chat and get an answer right then.

When the regular session is over, most coaches will stay late to help you answer questions you may have. If you don’t want to ask your question in the sessions, you can private message the coach and talk about your questions. If you have a favorite tracker and want to use that, no problem, they can help there too. I find them to be very uplifting and motivating in each session.

Yavonda Chase is the internal communications manager in the office of communications and marketing. She had this to say about the program, “Real Appeal has really helped educate myself about how to be healthier. Now that I’m tracking all of my food, I have a much better understanding of what I’m putting in my body. And since I’m making better choices nutrition-wise, I’m inspired to be more active. I really hope that this is the beginning of a lifestyle change for me. I don’t want to go back to my old way of thinking about food and exercise.”

Visit the website to sign up for FREE today! Real Appeal

Check out this video from Real Appeal to learn more:


Natalie Cannady, M.Ed., is the UAMS director of wellness.