September 12, 2017

Kathy Flores- Staff Educator for Interventional Services

Fitness Center logoSeeking help from a personal trainer is a great tool for people who feel lost or intimidated when they come to a gym. Here at the UAMS Fitness Center, Kathy Flores has been working with trainer Cameron Alarcon to reach her goals. I asked them both some questions about their training sessions:



  1. Since you have started training with Cameron, what has been your favorite part?

My favorite part has been seeing results from my efforts.  I am feeling stronger and seeing my body transform.  It is a great feeling knowing that I am making a difference.

  1. Do you feel that meeting with a trainer has kept you more accountable?

Absolutely!  If I went alone, I would not push myself the way I need to.  I would make excuses for not doing my best or not go at all. If I had that drive, I wouldn’t need my trainer.

  1. Do you think that others would benefit from meeting with a trainer?

Yes, I think that others may do what I do when I went to the gym on my own.  I would pick up a couple of weights, do the exercise incorrectly, walk on the treadmill for a few minutes and call it a day. I would be risking injury and wasting my time and energy.

  1. What improvements have you seen in your physical fitness other than weight loss?

I have seen an increase in my stamina and strength. I am feeling better, and I am seeing a more toned body shape emerging.

  1. Anything you would like to add about your training past or other things you would like to share about training with Cameron?

He knows what I need to do and what I am capable of doing.  He encourages me when I think that I cannot go any further and gives me confidence to push myself.  It makes me feel good to hear him say how well I am progressing, and makes me proud of my accomplishments.  I am very happy that I made the decision to work with him!


  1. In working with Kathy, how do you feel she has best improved?

Kathy has improved both physically and mentally. She has newfound strength, endurance, and a better sense of confidence.

  1. The clients that you work with, do you think that having someone here waiting on them is just as important as them having a program to CameronHeadshotfollow?

Having someone waiting on them definitely helps; it gives the client a sense of accountability.

  1. Safety is very important to you. What types of exercises do you think members would benefit from when meeting with a personal trainer to assure they are doing them properly?

A trainer can help with some of the more advanced free-weight exercises (barbell squats, deadlifts, et cetera), since the biggest barrier to someone starting out is lack of expertise.

  1. What injuries are the most common in people who come to you to train?

I get a lot of joint problems, mainly from bad form or previous athletic injuries.

  1. Tell us about your thoughts on training and a healthier life style. How do you relay to clients that it’s a journey and not a short trip to fitness?

Lifestyle changes do not happen overnight. Some failures will occur along the way, but that should not dissuade someone from trying.

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