January 4, 2019

Employee Spotlight – Michael Campbell

Meet Michael Campbell, he is an assistant administrator of support services here at UAMS and also a member of the Get Healthy UAMS committee. We interviewed Michael because he is an employee that makes his health a priority despite his hectic schedule.Group fishing

Michael, what has been your favorite implemented idea from the Get Healthy UAMS committee so far?

The bottle fill stations around campus have been a great idea. The water is filtered and tastes great, it is cold which I really like, and the station reduces our dependence on disposable cups.

You are an avid participant in all kinds of exercise, what is your favorite type of exercise?

I really enjoy hiking/walking it provides you an opportunity to see many things wherever you are, you can travel at the pace you would like and it is less taxing on the joints. I used to run a lot. I ran a marathon in my early 50s. The pounding has caused some pain in my hips so I switched to walking and the pain stopped and I see more of my surroundings.  I normally achieve 10,000 steps per day.

How do you find the time in your busy schedule along with the travel in to work?

I live in Conway, so I do have a lengthy commute each day. I make exercise a priority. I wake up before the rest of my family and stretch out. I was using a gym in Conway, but toured the UAMS Fitness Center on campus and was impressed with all of the equipment that was available and easy to access. I thought if I left home early and worked out at the Fitness Center, I would accomplish the same routine but already be on campus. This idea has worked out very well. The Fitness Center is available when I arrive at 5-5:30 a.m., and I am usually finished with my workout and in the office earlier than when I worked out in Conway with the same schedule. I believe it is because I miss all of the traffic now. On the days I don’t work out at the Fitness Center, I walk our dog. If he doesn’t have a daily walk, he eats things around the house. His eating provides an extra incentive for me to get out of the house in the morning, so it is great for both of us. I want to be healthy to be able to hike, play golf, waterski, bicycle and fish, to name a few of my favorite activities. Staying in good shape makes those activities more enjoyable.

What is your favorite healthy meal available here on campus?

That is a difficult question. I am a foodie and enjoy a variety of foods. There is such a large variety of very good options on campus sometimes it is difficult to Family out for a neighborhood walk in the winterchoose. I really do like the ability to build my own rice bowl at the Mexican station in the cafeteria. I skip the tortilla shell to reduce fat and calories, order two scoops of rice, chicken, lettuce, tomato, and a small amount of shredded cheese ( about 1 tablespoon). This is a meal I enjoy and is lower in fat and calories than having the other items which are available at this station. The salad bar, and healthy entrees are also some of my favorites. The made to order sandwiches are also favorites of mine. I occasionally will eat a hamburger with lettuce and tomato. I love most foods.

Do you notice a difference if you do not get your exercise in?

On days I do miss my exercise routine I feel a little sluggish. One of the nice aspects of my position is the need to walk around campus and inspect areas. Did on playgroundWhen the weather is nice, I walk outside and cut across campus to visit some destinations and breathe in fresh air and feel the sunshine. That always brightens my day and attitude while providing a brief burst of energy.

What would you say to our employees who might be thinking about starting an exercise plan in this new year?

I would say start. It is better if you have a plan. If you are just returning to exercising, start with small changes. If you do too much too soon you can become sore and you may choose not to continue. Starting small and expanding will help you enjoy the activity more and insure your continued motivation. Working out with a partner makes starting and staying on an exercise program much easier. You feel an obligation to the other person to show up. Once you establish a routine it becomes much easier to maintain your program and work out for health!